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Cabbage Tree Creative has been acquired by global agency TimeZoneOne

Portfolio 30 Oct, 2015

Cabbage Tree Creative has been acquired by global agency TimeZoneOne.

You might be aware that for the past 12 months we had been planning for change and growth alongside Fountaine Design (FD), whom we’ve shared premises and a number of clients with for some time, to better serve our customers with a full service, integrated offering across creative and digital.

Three months ago, both Karl Fountaine (current director of FD) and I received an offer from TZO to acquire our businesses due to our positioning and strength in creative and digital. After careful consideration we agreed it aligned well with our clients’ needs and introduced an incredibly positive and fresh direction for our teams. We also felt TZO fostered a business culture and outlook that would bring benefits to our clients and team.

So from November 2nd we’re looking forward to combining our teams and business operations in our new office, located in the central city at 579 Colombo Street. This signals the creation of a truly integrated agency model with 36 employees and a global focus. TZO’s head office is based in Chicago, USA.

While clients can now engage with us for full strategy, creative and digital delivery, the option remains to choose only the marketing, design or digital services, which best fit the delivery of your business needs. Either way, we trust that you see the value and business benefits of a truly integrated approach.

TZO also offers us the opportunity to work with brands based in the USA, Canada and Australia, and to become a stronger force in the local market – continuing to help grow businesses in Canterbury and across New Zealand. It will give our clients that sell their products on the global stage valuable insights into those respective markets. Plus we’ll be able to bring our offshore experience and insights back to the local market.

I’d like to stress that this is not a decision I’ve taken lightly after 19 years of working with a great team and clients. The fit had to be right for my team, our clients, and myself. And I’d like to assure you I won’t be going anywhere either; I’ll be joining the TimeZoneOne leadership team as a Digital Strategist, getting back to my passion of working with clients on developing successful strategies online, as well as managing the NZ operation.

I’m sure you will have plenty of questions about how our integration with TZO will affect you – feel free to email me and I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss it further with you.

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. I believe this transition gives us all some fantastic opportunities and I trust you will join us on our new journey as TimeZoneOne.

Please note that Friday 30th October we will be shifting premises so there will be some small disruption to the team for this but we will be back on board on Monday, rearing to go.

Look forward to talking to you soon